My Favorite Projects!

These are my most favorite projects that I've ever created! Check 'em out!


Elegant hall table

Like any other woodworker does, I walk around my house looking for places where I could put a piece of furniture. One day, my eye was suddenly drawn to the entry way of our house. I then asked my mom, "Do you think a table would look good there?" She responded with an enthusiastic "Yes!". And that is how this project came to be. I built the entire table out of Poplar. I didn't stain it at all. In fact, I just put a clear coat of polyurethane on. The reason for this was to keep the table a lighter color. The walls surrounding the table are white, so the table doesn't stand out to much. This gives the table a subtle and elegant presence


white oak jewelry box

This is one of the projects that I am the most proud of! I built this in December of 2016 as a Christmas gift for my Grandma. I really pushed myself on this build, and it paid off tremendously! The majority of the box was built with 4/4 white oak. There is also an accent color which was treated Ash. This was my FIRST project involving dovetail joinery! I will probably find myself building another box similar to this one down the road.


wavy cheese board

As a woodworker, I strive to attempt different techniques with my projects. Bent lamination is an advanced teqnique, but very rewarding! 


Solid Oak Hutch

By far, this was the most complex project I've ever undertaken. The finished project looked INCREDIBLE!